Welcome to our new Amethyst Stalactites Slices page.

 These amethyst stalactites are from caves in Uruguay. Click on a picture to be taken to a larger picture, size,  price, and secure order page.  Thank you for taking the time to view these new items!

updated 06-22-19


These next stalactites are all thin slices and polished on both sides. Click on a picture for sizes and a larger picture.

ameystalactite-54.jpg (356019 bytes)

ameystalactite-55.jpg (273840 bytes)

ameystalactite-56.jpg (286125 bytes)

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ameystalactite-63.jpg (284168 bytes)

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ameystalactite-89.jpg (295245 bytes)

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ameystalactite-91.jpg (399519 bytes)

ameystalactite-91a.jpg (351874 bytes)

*** More Amethyst Below***
The following amethyst crystals are on wood bases.


These next pieces are chunks of Amethyst Druzy.
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Amethyst Crystals on Wooden Base